Flow Components has two options for you to redirect your Flow, you can either redirect your Flow to a new record or you can redirect your Flow to a URL. There are two Actions available in Flow, Redirect Flow – Record Id and Redirect Flow – URL. When you drag an Action interaction into the canvas, you’ll be able to type in redirect to see your two options.

Both Actions are available as a “headless” Action or can be displayed in a Screen as a button. For record id, you can add the record id for any record, including newly created records from your Flow. Simply put in the record id of the record you want to redirect to in the Record Id part of the Set Input Values and when your Flow lands on the Redirect Flow – Record Id Flow Action, the Flow will redirect to that record.

To be able to redirect your Flow to a URL, you can use the Redirect Flow – URL Flow Action. You can simply add your URL to the Redirect URL input in the Set Input Values section. This includes redirecting your Flow to a Record or any URL, and using variables from within your Flow to add to the URL. An example of redirecting the Flow using a URL with a recordId variable from within the Flow is below.

Additionally, you can use the Redirect Flow – Record Id and Redirect Flow – URL as a button in a Screen.

After selecting the Action in the Flow Screen, you can then fill in the appropriate information, such as the Record Id or the URL. The Button Label will display to the User as the button.

The button will display as below.


  1. Hi Rich. Thank you as always for this effort. I updated my package to get the new redirect to ID action, but I’m getting an error. I call the flow from a url list button in a related list on the case object. Debug shows it’s getting the created record’s ID, so it seems to be beyond that.

    Unable to find action ‘redirectRecord’ on the controller of ecflc:flowIdRedirect Failing descriptor: {ecflc:flowIdRedirect}

    1. I’m guessing this related to how a case is “special”. If I call the flow from an action it works fine. I want the button on the related list though. πŸ™

      1. Hi Ben,
        I don’t think it has to do with the case, but perhaps that it is on the related list. You say that you’re getting the created record Ids? What are you trying to redirect to? Are all of the ids in a single variable or are you filtering to a single record id?

      2. Yeah I do think it is it being in the related list. It’s like the flow is stuck in that iframe or whatever it is now and can’t get out.
        The new record is created for sure and I am trying to redirect to the new record page. I’m using the record id from the single record variable that I assign values to and then create.
        I have since moved the create part to a lightning tab/flow component which does work, so probably that related list bit like you said.

      3. I updated, but didn’t notice a difference still stuck in that frame. Everything works but that though. I’m going to blame salesforce. πŸ™‚

      4. I noticed for me it took a refresh or two of the page after the upgrade, didn’t work immediately. Try logging out and logging back in and trying one more time, if not, then something else must be going on…

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