Digital marketing and marketing automation help to deliver a personalized message to your prospects through your website and emails.  Being able to target the content of your website based on known information about your prospect, such as the fact that they are a C-Level person at their company, allows your marketing team to display the relevant information to that prospect.  This increases your chances of communicating a message that resonates with your prospect, increasing the likelihood to move that prospect to a qualified lead or customer.

Being able to report on your marketing initiatives to see what is driving the most revenue for your business gives you the ability to invest your money wisely, helping you to continually increase the ROI of your marketing programs.  These are the best practices that your marketing team can implement with Pardot.  Englhard Consulting can help you map out the customer lifecycle journey and set you up for success with Pardot.


Marketing automation integrated with your CRM gives you the ability to create personalized messaging. Leverage Lead and Product scoring to see how hot a lead is and what product they are interested in. Setup drip programs to be able to nurture your prospets throughout the buying journey to help increase your pipeline velocity. Tie campaigns back to Salesforce opportunity data to be able to get your ROI on the marketing programs you run. Salesforce Pardot allows your marketing teams to be able to use marketing automation to grow your business with confidence.