The 4th industrial revolution, IoT.  The Internet of Things, or IoT, is about connecting devices to the internet, like having being able to remotely start your car or unlock your car doors using your phone.  While there are a lot of amazing things coming through IoT, the question is, how does that tie back to your business?  What if there is an issue with your car and it is recommended that you need service.

What would you do, as a business, to ensure your customers have a good experience, and how do you stay proactive, such as reminders for oil changes or tire rotations?  That is where Salesforce IoT Explorer comes in.  Salesforce IoT Explorer connects your devices to Salesforce, where your customer data lives, to proactively send marketing notifications, or create cases when trouble arises.  It allows you to control the business process behind IoT, right inside Salesforce.  Englhard Consulting can help you map out your business processes and data model to connect IoT to your business.

Salesforce IoT Explorer

Work with clicks, not code, to quickly get your IoT initiative off the ground. Visualize your data through Orchestrations, allowing you to see the state of your IoT traffic by device, and connect it to your business process with Process Builder. Marketing, Customer Service, and Sales can connect to your customers with Salesforce IoT Explorer to redefine your customer experience.