This is the core for businesses today in our digital world.  Your customers, employees, data, and processes are able to be joined together more than ever before.  Englhard Consulting helps you to Connect your data, digitally Transform your business, and redefine your customer Experience to excel in today’s market.

Although technology has enabled you to take your business to new heights, technology is only part of the solution.  You need to reevaluate how your company does business and the processes that drive your business with that technology.  It’s not about doing things the old way in a digital system, you will still be trapped by your processes.  Rethinking how you interact with your customers through their digital footprint across your departments helps you to know your customers better and improve their experience.

And it’s not just about your external customers, but your internal customers, or employees, as well.  Empowering your employees through processes and information about your customers will help them to better serve your customers, allowing them to see your customer information in one place, continuing to improve your customer experience.  From Sales to Customer Service, Marketing to IoT, Englhard Consulting can work with you to maximize your Salesforce investment and know your customers.

Connect Your Data

Digitally Transform Your Business

Redefine Your Customer Experience