Flow Components has the ability to use a Lightning Component to launch a Flow through the click of a button. Launching a Flow through a button prevents the Flow from auto running when a record is loaded.

Using Lightning App Builder, you can find the Run Flow Button Lightning Component in the Custom – Managed Components section.

Once you drag it and drop it onto the page, you’ll be able to configure the component. The parts that you can configure are:

  • Button Label
    • This is what will display to the User as the button
  • Flow Name
    • This is the API name of the Flow
  • Title
    • This is optional. If you want to display a title to the Lightning Component card background, you can enter the text here.
  • Reload Flow When Record Refreshes
    • If this is checked, if the Flow has started and the Record has been updated after, it will refresh the Flow to start again.
  • Reload Button When Flow Finishes
    • If this is checked, when the Flow finishes, instead of staying on the default screen that lets the user know the Flow finished, it will reload the button to allow a User to start again.
  • Refresh Record When Flow Finishes
    • If this is checked, after the Flow finishes, the record will refresh and will display any updated information as a result of the Flow.

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