There are a few new exciting things coming to Flow Components in our Winter ’21 release! We’ve created a lightning component which allows you to call a flow via a URL, which means that you can use this with Lightning Runtime. Additionally, it works with related lists in records where you can select multiple records to send to a flow, using a very small visualforce page. And one of our favorites, the ability to query records using the SOQL “IN” condition where the Ids are in a collection variable. We hope you’re as excited for this release as us!

Related List Button to Send Records To Flow

Call Flow in Lightning Runtime through a URL

Run Flow Button Updates – Launch from Experience Builder (Formerly Communities), Home and Utility Bar

Record Type Picklist and Available Record Types for User in Flow

Query Records by List of Ids in Flow

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  1. Hello..I installed the package, however, unable to view your flow components as options to select from when looking for New Actions

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