Flow Components come with the ability to unlock a record through a Flow Action. There are two inputs to the Unlock Record Action. The first is the Unlock Record Id, or the Id of the record that you would like to unlock. The second is System Unlock which is a Boolean of True or False, defaulted to False.

The Unlock Record Flow Action runs in user mode without any additional setup. This means that a User who does not have the ability to unlock the record will not be able to. There is the ability for an admin to configure Flow Components to run in System Mode.

Even if the System Unlock Input Value is set to true, it will not necessarily run in System Mode. This is to ensure that a User has explicit permission to be able to use the Unlock Record in System Mode.

The Flow Component package comes with a Custom Permission, Enable Unlock Record In System Mode. This Custom Permission is required in addition to the Unlock Record Action to be set to True. The Custom Permission can be added to a Profile, a Permission Set, or the Permission Set that comes with Flow Components can be assigned to the User, which is also named Enable Unlock Record In System Mode. These two things together are required for the Flow to run in System Mode.

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