Salesforce CPQ MDQ Quote Template Using Conga Quote Generation / Conga Composer

Salesforce CPQ has a great feature, MDQ, which allows you to segment out your products by different Price Dimensions, such as year. Using Conga Quote Generation or Conga Composer, we can put our products into an MDQ template that will group our products by segment and also give a total for that segment. For this example, we’ll group our products by year.

First, let’s start with a quote. In our example, we have 2 products, enterprise licenses and enterprise support, which we’ll sell as a ramp per year, with 25 licenses the first year, 50 the second year, and 100 the third year.

Salesforce CPQ MDQ Edit Lines Screen

For our template, we’re going to take the Conga Quote Generation Quick Start template, Basic Quote Template with Line Items.

This creates a Conga Quote Template that we can get by navigating to the Conga Quote Templates tab. The template looks like this.

If we were to run the template for our Quote without any changes, it looks like this.

To turn this template into a Salesforce CPQ MDQ Quote Template with Conga, first add a new row at the beginning of the template.

We’ll use the Conga Word function of TableGroup to group our table by the Segment Label, in our case, Year x.

Next, we’ll add a row below the bottom row of the Quote Lines table.

We’ll add a Yearly Total with the Conga Word function of SUM(ABOVE).

NOTE: The {{=SUM(ABOVE)}} is all on one line with no spaces, since it is longer than the cell, it looks like it is on two lines with a return, but it is a single word with no spaces. Feel free to copy the variable like it is in this post.

Next, upload the new version of your template to the existing Conga Quote Template. Then, you’ll see it print out as below.

And in it’s most basic form, that’s it! You can use additional Conga Word formatting and Salesforce fields to get even more creative, such as grouping one-time fees in Year 1, splitting out products by Product Family, and many different formats that you can imagine! Good luck and let me know how it goes in the comments!